Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Your Signature Scent?

     Who doesn't love fresh smelling soaps and lotions?  Magazines occasionally have personality profiles for the scents we choose.  Our signature scent.  They define us.  We smell good, we feel good.  We slather our bodies with a wonderful smelling lotion or soap thinking we are enlivening our bodies, but all those perfumed soaps and lotions are actually causing more damage than good.  Manufacturers can simply put the ingredient fragrance on the back of any bottle without having to disclose the list of chemicals they use to create that perfumed scent.  "These ingredients include a wide range of allergens. They also include synthetic musks, particularly tonalide and galaxolide, designed to mimic natural scents derived from musk deer and ox. They are persistent and bioaccumulate in the body, have toxic hormonal effects, and have been identified in breast milk" (Epstein, 2010).

     Because of the dangers in fragrances, I have stopped using perfume and changed the soap and lotion I use.  Aveeno makes a really refreshing fragrance free soap and lotion that is made with natural colloidal oatmeal and is recommended for dry skin.  It makes me feel fresh and clean without the toxic load that perfumed soaps and lotions have.  I don't miss my perfume or my scented soaps and lotions.  My new signature scent is now clean, healthy, and natural with a little bit of coconut oil, of course!  Is your signature scent good for your body?

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