Friday, July 8, 2011

California, Baby!

I am packed and ready for California!  I am so excited to spend the weekend on the beach with my family, celebrating my cousin's wedding.  I packed all my chemical-free essentials and thought I'd share with you my favorite shampoo and conditioner that I never leave behind.  California Baby shampoo and conditioner are fragrance free and also free of the harsh chemicals in most shampoos and conditioners.  It's a kid's shampoo that also works great on my hair.  Because there is no sodium lauryl sulfate, the shampoo doesn't create big suds, but it definitely makes my hair feel clean.  The bottle is small enough to travel with and doubles as a body wash, which is a major plus.  It's hard to travel with a bar of soap, but I'm not about to use the fragrance and chemical filled soaps they leave out at hotels, tempting as they may be.  So my California Baby shampoo is the perfect solution.  The California Baby conditioner leaves my hair soft and tangle-free and also doubles as my shaving cream.  My legs feel smooth and refreshed from the moisturizing conditioner.  I get shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and shaving cream in two bottles.  Can't beat that when you have a tendency to over pack.  And we're off, to California, Baby!

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