Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Some Fresh Air

Healthy tip of the day: Get some fresh air.  I know what you're thinking...kind of hard to do when it is 100+ outside.  That's why we are headed to Colorado tomorrow!  I'm so excited to spend a week outside getting some fresh air.  The air quality around us directly affects our health and well being, and I am in desperate need of some revitalizing air before the school year starts.  Here is some information about air quality to get you thinking... 

According to Three Branches:
     + Indoor air is 200 times more polluted than outdoor air!
     + 50% of all illnesses are from poor indoor air quality!
     + According to a study at Harvard, cancer risk from exposure to chemicals inside the home is greater
       than if you were to be exposed to chemicals at a hazardous waste site!
     + According to an EPA study, women working at home have a 54% greater chance of developing
       cancer because of the chemicals and poor air quality in the home!

It's pretty scary!  But there are things we can do to increase the air quality in our homes.  When it isn't 100 degrees outside I open all my windows every chance I get.  Just letting in a little fresh air significantly improves indoor air quality.  Removing the chemical sources that are contributing to poor air quality in your home is a must!  Chemical sources include conventional cleaners filled with chemicals, and candles and air fresheners that can contain up to 600 chemicals.  Another important step in improving air quality is changing your air filters regularly and using filters with a high merv rating.  There are also air purification systems that can be purchased from Austin Air if you're really serious about having clean air in the house.  However the small steps I mentioned above really help improve the quality of your indoor air.  Going to Colorado is even better, too bad I can't just live there!

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  1. Trev and I leave for Colorado next Friday for two weeks. I cannot wait! Have fun! I am jealous you are escaping the heat before me!