Monday, July 4, 2011

Mosquito Combat on the 4th of July

     The Fourth of July makes me want to be outside, afternoon until nightfall, enjoying friends, fresh fruit and fireworks.  My absolute favorite part of today is dusk, when the sun is setting and the air has cooled (to a mild 92 degrees), and the anticipation of fireworks is building.  However in Houston, in my backyard, being outside is not possible, thanks to the Super Mosquitos.  These Super Mosquitos survive all year long, but are especially bad in the summer.  They are outside, they are inside, they are even in my car when I get in to run an errand in the morning.  Houston Super Mosquitos are everywhere. 
     This summer I determined to be ahead of the game and ready for the Super Mosquitos before they could strike.  My plan of attack was to use only natural products.  As much as I don't want to be covered with mosquito bites, I have an even greater aversion to slathering my body with chemicals.  Chemicals that add to the toxic load on my liver and kidneys, chemicals that aren't safe in my bloodstream.  R2 and I set off at the beginning of the summer in search for citronella plants.  We had been told that they were  effective mosquito repellents and fit the bill for something natural and chemical free.  We left the plants in pots so that they could be moved around as needed.  I also bought some Bert's Bees bug spray that is made from 9 different natural oils that supposedly ward off insects, mosquitos included. 

     With all my combat gear, I set out earlier this weekend to get our backyard ready for tonight. I slathered a bottle of my All Natural Herbal Insect Repellent all over my arms, legs, neck, wrists and ankles and got to work outside pulling weeds.  I stood outside for all of five minutes and looked down to legs covered in mosquitos.  Combat began.  I moved closer to the citronella plants and even rubbed some of the leaves on my skin.  The mosquitos kept swarming and kept stinging.  I killed about 7 of them with my bare hands before I  threw in the towel and went inside.  Yard unfinished, me not happy about the mosquito combat: Mosquitos 20, Me 7.  I was covered with mosquito bites.  The natural repellent had obviously not done its job, nor had the citronella plant.  The mosquitos swarmed like I was covered in sweet nectar. 
     I'm not giving up on my search for a natural mosquito repellent, but I'm not going outside this evening either.  A few streets down our friends have bats in their backyard and haven't been tormented by mosquitos at all this summer.  Bat houses cost $20-$30 online.  I'm getting desperate.  The mosquitos might carry me away before the fireworks even start.  Do you have any natural solutions for surviving the Super Mosquitos?


  1. Bats are a WONDERFUL way to cut down on your skeeter population! Outside of that, however, I'm sorry to say I have NO idea what you can do. I'm looking forward to seeing what YOU find though! Happy hunting!

  2. Found this! Seem like great things to try!